...In thy presence is fullness of joy... Psalm 16:11; COMPLETE REGISTRATION FORM AT THE END OF THE PAGE FOR ACCESS

Do you want to worship God at any place with no strings attached? then join us!

Calling all True Worshippers at heart!

We will be worshipping together via Facebook Live at 7:00pm EST every first Friday of the month. Sessions will be about 1 hour.

Join us as we lift up deep worship and allow the Holy Spirit to shower us with His presence.

Let's worship without restriction, your heart posture and face gazing towards Him. Just as He intended from the beginning. Not an outward performance, but a heart longing for the Father.

Registration and attendance is FREE. We will use your email to send you the private Facebook group link and session reminders. 

*Your information is safe and will not be shared. Guaranteed!  

Holy Showers Sessions will take place 7:00pm EST every first Friday of the Month Holy Spirit permitting.

Each session will be about an hour long.

meet your host!



WHAT TO EXPECT: Worship will be led by THEENNAMDI and will feature the SRS Choir. We will feature other guest worship artists from time to time from other ministries. This experience is part of a bigger movement “YONKERS & BEYOND FOR CHRIST” just kicking off where worship location will alternate. Engage with worship once worship begins. Find a quiet place or use your headphones to tune out every distraction around you, and focus your gaze to the Heavenly Father above. There will be some spontaneous worship and other worship songs going on. As the spirit leads you, engage with the Father with conversations from the heart, in reverence to Him on how good He is to you. Personalize this moment as much as possible from the heart. Note the Father is seeking true worshippers and He loves worships coming from the heart. And as the spirit leads you and you have a word, feel free to leave a comment and/or your expressions with emojis, to encourage others tune in to the frequency of worship happening. These moments can truly, be life changing!

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I REGISTER? You will immediately receive an email with the link to join our private Facebook group where the Holy Showers worship sessions will take place. We will also email you session reminders. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

DO I NEED TO REGISTER MORE THAN ONCE? No. As a matter of fact, you register once and you will have lifetime access to the private Facebook group link as long as the program exists, unless you unsubscribe.


CAN I INVITE OTHERS? Absolutely! Please share page with them or QR code to register.


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Interested in having THEENNAMDI host a Holy Showers worship experience at your local ministry, then book THEENNAMDI here. You might just be blessed enough to be the next location hosting for the experience. Please make sure to indicate “Holy Showers worship experience” in the description field when contacting through this page.


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